Simple Pagination

Here is an example for how to use limit. The default limit is 10. The maximum limit is 50. /platforms/?limit=33

There is also an offset. This will start the list at position 22 and give 33 results. /platforms/?limit=33&offset=22

For ever tier, offset has a maximum value of 10,000 for server-resource reasons. While simple pagination is perfect for smaller datasets, we strongly recommend using the Scroll API documented below for everything else.

For the pro tier and above, you can increase the page limit to 3000 by prepending the request with /pro. For example: /pro/platforms/?limit=3000

Scroll API

In order to bypass the limits of simple pagination and get blazing fast response times you need to use the scroll parameter. To use it you need to supply the scroll param to the query like this: /games/?order=rating&limit=50&scroll=1. It will return results and include a couple of extra headers: X-Next-Page and X-Count.

X-Next-Page includes a special scroll path: /games/scroll/cXVlcnlBbmRGZXRjaDsxOzE5OkhBck1wUUZsUnpPUDgwMGtDN0hSdEE7MDs= This path actually never changes so you can repeatedly query the same URL to get the next page.

X-Count includes the total number of results: 1337 You can work out the number of pages with a simple calculation: Math.round(X-Count / limit)

There is a timeout on the Scroll API of 3 minutes and for each subsequent scroll request it refreshes this timeout.