List Entries

URL path: /private/list_entries/

Scope Name lists

Description: IGDB list entries

This information is only accessible after a user has authenticated and you have an access token. Any reads or writes performed will be specifically to that user.

Example response

    "id": 157609,
    "user": 1337,
    "list": 7331,
    "game": 1942,
    "position": 0


Name Type Mandatory Comment
id unsigned 64-bit integer +
user unsigned 64-bit integer + User ID
list unsigned 64-bit integer + List ID
game unsigned 64-bit integer + ID of Game that the entry is reffering to
position 64-bit integer + position of the entry in the list, 0: default

With the list entries endpoint you can add, and delete list entries for a specific users list defined in the accesstoken.

Important headers
Authorization: Bearer “YOUR_ACCESSTOKEN”
Content-Type: application/json

  • Create list entry (POST)

    To create a new list entry you have to send a post request with the new entry in the form of a JSON, JSON structure below.
    request URL: /private/list_entries/
    The API will respond with the newly created list entry, see Example Response.

  • Delete user rating (DELETE)

    To delete an existing list entry you have to send a delete request with the list entry id.
    request URL: /private/rates/157609
    The API will respond with just the list entry id

Example JSON Body

        "game": 1942,
        "list": 9823