An example request in Java

HttpResponse<JsonNode> response: Unirest.get("https://api-endpoint.igdb.com/characters/?fields=*&limit=10")
.header("user-key", "YOUR_KEY")
.header("Accept", "application/json")

An example request using axios

axios.get("https://api-endpoint.igdb.com/games/1942?fields=*", {
    headers: {
      "user-key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
      Accept: "application/json"
  .then(response => {
    // Do work here
  .catch(e => {
    console.log("error", e);

Get all information from a specific game


1942, is the ID of the game.

Get all games from specific genres


Notice you can comma separate multiple IDs (12, 9 and 11). You can do this with games, companies and anything else.

Count total games that have a rating higher than 75


Count total games from a certain platform (Playstation 4 , id=48)


Order by popularity

Popularity parameter for games. You can access it like this: /games/?fields=name,popularity&order=popularity:desc

The popularity number is calculated using usage statistics of game pages at https://www.igdb.com

Coming soon games for Playstation 4


1500619813000: Is the timestamp in milliseconds of today (This you need to generate yourself)
48 Is the platform id of Playstation 4.

Search, return certain fields.


This will return search results and the IDs of the games. If you want to return certain fields of the game or even all, do the following:

/games/?search=Halo&fields=name,publishers /games/?search=Halo&fields=*

Search games but exclude versions (editions)


This will return search results with ID and name of the game but exclude editions such as “Collectors Edition”.

Get versions (editions) of a game


This resulting object will contain a list of version ids and names.

Get the parent game for a version


This resulting object will contain the id of the parent game (version_parent).